About the Journal

Heat Exchanger World is a new, global publication of KCI Publishing. It is a sister publication related to such other company brands as Stainless Steel World, Valve World, Pump Engineer, and Managing Aging Plants.

Heat Exchanger World will cover all aspects of the product supply chain of heat exchangers beginning from consultancy and design, the choice of materials, materials suppliers used to manufacture the basic components for heat exchangers, heat exchanger manufacturers, engineering companies, software suppliers, special solution suppliers, and on through to distributors, end-users, and cleaning and maintenance companies.

Produced by an authoritative and experienced editorial team, the aim of this magazine is to provide up-to-date market news and trends, innovative interviews with key players in the supply chain, technical papers, challenging application case studies, industry solutions, and opinionated columns according to the needs of our readers. In this way we promote the dissemination of knowledge and information within the industry, helping to build a strong, interactive heat exchanger community.

Published twice in 2019 (September and November) and six times (January, March, May, July, September and November) in 2020.

General facts about the journal:

- Magazine, A4, full color, minimum of 40 pages
- Published 2 times in 2019 (September/November)
- Published 6 times in 2020 (January, March. May, July, September, November)
- Circulation: 5000 copies worldwide
- English language


- Biotech and pharmaceuticals
- Chemicals
- Energy
- Food, dairy, and beverage
- HVACR: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration
- Machinery and manufacturing
- Marine and transportation
- Mining, minerals and pigments
- Pulp and paper
- Refrigeration
- Semiconductor and electronics