Heat Exchangers World Conference & Exhibition 2021
MECC Maastricht

The first Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo premiers 30 November, 2021

The first European Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo has been rescheduled to 30 November and 1 December 2021 due to the continuing influence of Covid-19 in the early part of 2021. This rescheduling will be accompanied by a relocation from the RDM Rotterdam to the MECC Maastricht (only for the 2021 event)

The conference & expo will run parallel with the renowned 3-day event, Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo. Visitors will benefit from the synergy between both events.

Heat Exchanger Conference & Expo will provide a dedicated meeting ground for professionals working in the heat exchanger supply chain to address key issues of the industry from design and manufacture, through purchasing to usage and maintenance and will enjoy an atmosphere of information sharing, connection, and learning.

We look forward to welcoming you to Maastricht, November 2021!

Our goal is to:

  • Present the latest developments and best practises in industrial heat exchange
  • Connect experts and peers to gain and improve knowledge
  • Further develop end user understanding of specialist equipment
  • Introduce new and potential clients and promote new products and projects
MECC Maastricht
Running in parallel The Conference will look to the future of the supply chain and the changing needs of the industry, featuring traditional presentations and hands-on workshops where new skills can be learnt and understanding can be built up.

Possible topics

  • Energy efficiency
  • Operational modelling
  • Equipment design
  • Process control
  • Cost optimisation
  • Equipment construction
  • Maintenance & plant improvement
  • Fouling & fouling mitigation
  • Material selection
For more information about the exhibition contact Mr. Kamiel van Wijk
E-mail: k.v.wijk@kci-world.com Tel: +31 575 585 289

If you would like to participate in the conference contact: Mr. John Butterfield
E-mail: j.butterfield@kci-world.com Tel: +31 575 585 294
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