LG Multi V M boost up installation and performance

03 July 2019

Last year, LG Electronics (LG) released an advanced modular Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution, Multi V M. Equipped with enhanced features that boost installation and performance, this solution is meeting the needs of a wide range of customers. With a modular type system implementing LG’s cutting-edge technologies, Multi V M bolsters convenience and efficiency to provide maximum benefits for users.

Multi V M provides customers with aspects of VRF solutions such as convenience, performance, and reliability. Combining LG’s advanced VRF solutions with innovative and emerging technologies, this system is bringing air conditioning to the next level of optimal performance.

The “M” in Multi V M stands for “module,” as the system comprises a split of external units consisting of compressor module and heat exchanger module designed to enhance the flexibility of installation.

The flexibility of the modular Multi V M means higher efficiency for users on the continent, a region where HVAC solutions are difficult to implement due to the buildings with insufficient space for outdoor units and regulations on the installation of such units.