Direct steam heating in combination with static mixers

01 August 2019

The use of mixing systems extends to a large number of markets, which include Mineral Processing and Oil Sands Mining. Direct steam heating is in trend due to its high efficiency and no moving parts.

Low capital cost is another factor responsible for their high demand in various industries.

Direct Steam Heating in combination with CT static mixers turns out to be the ideal solution in a number of industrial processes in oil refineries. The growing use of these systems is also observed in food processing plants.

With this combination, one can ensure unbelievably high efficiency.

With lower capital cost than most traditional heat exchangers, these have become extremely effective and preferred equipment in the processing of bitumen froth, water treatment plants, food processing, and other industries.

Installing a CT static mixer in front of the injection steam heater enables to produce a homogeneous mixture of the flow.

Direct steam heating can produce hot water at a specific temperature, even with variable water pressures. Any desired outlet temperature can be set and controlled manually or electronically.

The need for direct steam heating is apparent in numerous industries.