Sheffield appoints ENGIE to develop a new homes project

16 August 2019

Sheffield City Council has appointed leading energy, services, and regeneration specialist ENGIE to develop a new homes project in Hackenthorpe, Sheffield.

The £4.75 M development on the former Weakland estate will include the construction of 36 affordable homes and will see the two, three and four bedroom, energy-efficient properties incorporate Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems which provide a constant supply of fresh filtered air.

The Weakland estate is located in the south-east of the city. Together with Scowerdons and Newstead, they were made up of 809 non-traditional houses.

These attractive new homes have been designed to provide larger than average space standards and improved energy efficiency to help people to afford to live in their new home.

MVHR works by extracting the air from polluted sources and re-supplying it to different rooms. The extracted air is taken through a central heat exchanger and the heat recovered into the supply air. This feature helps to give the project a unique edge and will provide new residents with the opportunity to reduce their home energy costs.