Kaltra offers cooling solutions for HafenCity project

10 September 2019

Urban redevelopment plays a major role in the growth strategy of current cities. The advantages of urban renewal are obvious: substantial savings can be achieved by using modernized, energy-efficient infrastructure, including air conditioning and cooling facilities. In terms of land area, HafenCity is considered the most significant urban redevelopment project in Europe.

The heaviest energy users in the cities and urban areas are HVAC systems with their accounts of about one third to half of the overall power consumption - however, recent advanced HVAC technologies promising tremendous energy-saving potential and, in addition, essential environmental benefits. Oilless compressors, variable speed drives, free cooling, microchannel heat exchangers, heat recovery and eco-friendly refrigerants - all these are crucial elements of modern HVAC infrastructure found in Kaltra equipment.

The scope of offered equipment includes Turbocor-based water-cooled chillers with evaporatively cooled heat rejection units for comfort air conditioning, redundant precision air conditioners for mission-critical facilities, and free cooling economization loops. The total duty of the plant exceeds 10MW cooling and 4MW heating.