Danfoss launches 6 new products at RefCold India 2019

02 December 2019

Danfoss Industries Pvt. Ltd. and HVAC, recently unveiled 6 new innovative products from its Cooling Segment at RefCold India, 2019.

The products launched are as follows:

The Danfoss Intelligent Purging System (IPS) is an automatic, self-contained operating unit that helps maintain an optimum refrigeration capacity and system efficiency, allowing professionals to achieve maximum system performance.

The Danfoss Gas Detectors delivers improved operational reliability, easy calibration and maintenance efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance for application in industrial refrigeration.

The Danfoss Plate Heat Exchanger is optimized for industrial applications such as Condensers, Flooded and Pumped Evaporators, Sub-Coolers, Desuperheaters, Superheaters, Economizers and Oil Coolers.

The EKE 400 is an application to achieve optimal cooling mode and defrost sequence for an efficient, safe and trouble-free operation of the evaporators.

The ICFD is a product specially designed to improve defrost performance and reduce energy consumption for industrial refrigeration applications.

The ICSH 2 Step Solenoid Valve is specifically designed keeping in mind the safety risks involved in injecting hot gas into evaporators.