ENOGIA setup ORC units as part of a European project

06 December 2019

French company ENOGIA ORC will be setting up three small-scale ORC units as part of a European research project. Planned to explore power generation from low-flow and low-temperature sites in sedimentary, granite and volcanic settings, it is taking off with a demonstration site in Vermillion, France.

As part of the European Multi-sites EGS Demonstration project MEET project, the demonstration of electricity and thermal power generation from various geological contexts is planned. Six demonstration sites were selected based on temperature, flow, and geological environment. On these demonstration sites ENOGIA ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Modules will be installed. These modules have been adapted to the geothermal fluid, the ORC’s design results of the material compatibility analysis conducted by ICI and ESG at each demonstration site.

The main objective is to adapt the ORC to the specificity of geothermal application, especially through the sourcing and testing of adapted, cost-effective, heat exchangers technology in order to make the ORC compatible with geothermal water chemistry originating from various geological conditions.