SACOME receives an inquiry from the Spanish company

13 March 2020

SACOME has received an inquiry from one of the Spanish companies in the paint industry. This company is a major supplier of paint plants for the automotive factories. The objective of this client is the standardization of a heat exchanger design to temper prime coat, so it allows to cover a wide range of capacity with the minimum possible modifications to its already predefined system. 

SACOME technicians put their extensive expertise in the design of tubular heat exchangers for the treatment of paint, at the service of this client, ensuring the required set point temperature. In this sense, SACOME has an extensive database of thermal properties of the most diverse components that can be used to obtain the suitable paint for each automotive project.

After the analysis based on the number of tubes, the service water flow and the total length of the tubular heat exchanger, the client finally opted for an S-TFM-I multitube sanitary design, with welded tube sheet and conical machining to protect the product of premature degradation.