Atommash performs the steam generator for Rooppur NPP

26 March 2020

Volgodonsk Branch of AEM-technology’s Atommash performed the fit-up and welding of set of steam generators for Unit 1 of Rooppur NPP (Bangladesh). 

Steam Generator is a heat exchanger, it is part of a reactor plant and belongs to products of the first safety class. The diameter is more than 4 m, the length of the apparatus is about 15 meters, weight - 340 tons. The equipment of one nuclear power unit includes four steam generators.

Previously, the vessel of the steam generator was assembled from four shells and welded together. In the welding process, more than 2,000 kg of flux and more than 12,000 meters of wire were used in total.

Currently, the first steam generator vessel weighing up to 160 ton is finishing the machining process. Within a month, the item will be ready for the installation of a primary circuit header. The other three heat exchanger vessels are on different stages of production: machining, inspection performance.

Currently at Atommash, there are 4 more steam generator vessels for Rooppur NPP second unit at different stages of manufacturing.