YTD upgrades in-house heat treatment with Vector® HPGQ

16 June 2020

Youngstown Tool & Die, a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion dies, upgrades in-house heat treatment with two Vector® HPGQ furnaces from SECO/WARWICK. 

Increased capabilities, increased throughput, and increased customer quality are the attributes behind Youngstown Tools & Die’s (YTD) decision to upgrade their existing atmosphere heat treatment capabilities to new high-pressure gas quench (HPGQ) vacuum furnaces from a SECO/WARWICK Group.

YTD from Ohio specializes in manufacturing aluminum extrusion dies and because of demand, is moving into a larger facility to accommodate increased production needs. This is their first purchase from SECO/VACUUM, and proximity and fast delivery were both factors in the decision. Other tangible factors reflected Youngstown’s confidence in SECO/WARWICK’s core values, including the company’s commitment to fulfill obligations by responding quickly to customer needs, by meeting deadlines, and by contributing reliability in every process.

Vector is a versatile heat treat system. Heat treating dies is the task Vector is designed to do well. Because Vector’s high-pressure gas quench system cools dense masses evenly and quickly without distortion, die quality and consistency are improved versus atmosphere heat treatment methods.