SACOME designs a modular pilot pant

17 June 2020

The SACOME R&D manager has been contacted by a new client to design a pilot plant intended for testing and characterizing the cooling process of a new food product, that is currently in development. It is a product with a strong Non-Newtonian behavior and a very high apparent viscosity, even at high temperatures. 

The product flow to be processed is very small, less than 100 kg/h. In order to allow the scaling of the results obtained in this pilot plant for the future transition to the scale of industrial production, it is necessary to maintain an adequate flow rate, without incurring excessive pressure drop.

In order to meet all these requirements, SACOME has designed and manufactured a modular pilot plant, with the possibility of increasing the exchange surface, if required. This modular pilot plant is based on the S-TF20-I sanitary heat exchanger, a monotubular heat exchanger with corrugated tubes.

After the first tests, the client is satisfied and requires a capacity expansion to continue characterizing this new product.