Dorogobuzh invests over RUB 5bn in Ammonia Plant

08 September 2020

PJSC Dorogobuzh (part of Acron Group) has finalised technical upgrades to its unit producing ammonia, a basic component for nitrogen and complex mineral fertilisers. Over 440,000 tonnes of ammonia has already been produced since the day the first on-spec product was delivered after the upgrades. 

The upgrades increased plant capacity from 1,740 tonnes to 2,100 tonnes per day and improved energy efficiency by reducing natural gas consumption by 7% per tonne of ammonia. The annual output is expected to go up 130,000 tonnes. Investments in the project exceeded RUB 5bn.

The project was designed by LLC Novgorodsky GIAP, and the work was carried out by Dorogobuzh and Acron employees and 60 contractors from around the country, who brought in over 1,100 specialists and 50 pieces of equipment.

This is the first post-Soviet project to achieve an output of 2,100 tonnes per day for TEC, KLE, and GIAP projects (Soviet chemical enterprises used KBR technology). Dorogobuzh is the first chemical facility in the country to use a KRES heat exchange reformer technology from the American KBR, which improved the overall efficiency of the reformers.