Heat Exchanger World Europe Conference & Expo 2021

21 September 2020

The Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo Europe 2021 will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 24 & 25 February 2021. Staged in the historic RDM centre, the event brings together end users, engineering companies, designers, fabricators, manufacturers, and heat exchanger builders from across the whole supply chain in a wide range of industries using heat exchangers. Although this is a first event organized by KCI Publishing about heat exchangers, the company has a well-established reputation in producing high quality and targeted events. Heat Exchanger World facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience of heat exchanger materials, applications, and innovations with a clear goal of optimizing the use heat exchangers in terms of safety, performance, reliability, and cost within the global market.

For details about the conference program, exhibit lists, floorplans, etc. visit:

Delegates to the Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo Europe will also have full, free access to the conference sessions and exhibition of Duplex World as well. This event will take place in parallel to the Heat Exchanger World Europe Conference & Expo, at the same location. See: