KOMAX Desuperheaters - more controlled heat transfer

24 September 2020

Komax Systems, Inc., the advanced desuperheater technology company, understands the need for improving the process of heat transfer in steam applications. 

Superheat is an aspect of steam generation. Without it, steam will cool and condense before it reached the point of use. Superheating prevents that process. As a result, the temperature must be removed in a controlled manner for a variety of uses.

The primary function of a desuperheater is to lower the temperature of superheated steam or other vapors. This temperature reduction is accomplished as a result of the process vapor being brought into direct contact with another liquid, such as water.

Desuperheaters play a vital role in power generation where superheated steam is often used as an energy source. They are commonly used in power plants to reduce the pressure and condition the temperature of superheated steam that is acting as the mechanical power for steam turbines.

The Komax Desuperheater utilizes a unique approach to desuperheating compared to traditional desuperheaters, using both a low-pressure spray nozzle directed upstream of the steam flow and a patented Equalizer Mixing Module that they incorporate into all of their desuperheater designs. This mixing module is specifically designed for gas/liquid mixing and can shear the droplets to very fine sizes. This makes for quick and efficient absorption of water into the superheated steam line.