New AHED heat exchanger design software

16 November 2020

The new AHED heat exchanger design software aims to disrupt the market by combining practical experience with the latest academic research in an accessible and affordable package.

The program has been developed on the basis of forty years of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial heat exchangers, together with the latest scientific understanding of thermal- and fluid-dynamics. “The result,” says AHED Software General Manager, Arnold Kleijn “is intuitive software which is affordable and easy to access.”

Its combination of local software and cloud-based technology means that heat exchanger projects can easily be shared by teams or even across businesses, while standard reporting formats and access to class-leading heat exchanger technology means that designs can be shared with or verified with manufacturers.

AHED features a database of more than 2,000 fluids, although more can be added, and can produce designs for various types of smooth tube heat exchanger, making it suitable for everyone from students and occasional users, to dedicated heat exchanger engineers.