Hydroniq Coolers receives 11 orders from Parat

17 November 2020

Ålesund-based Hydroniq Coolers has through a so-called “gentleman’s agreement” recently received 11 orders for cooling systems from Parat Halvorsen AS. 

Parat Halvorsen, which is headquartered in Flekkefjord, Agder county in south Norway, manufactures industrial boilers and marine boilers that produce heat or steam that amongst other things is utilized for the production of food, dairy products, Styrofoam, in vessels and heating of private and commercial property.

When the industrial boilers contain excess steam, the steam must be dumped to reduce system pressure. This is where Hydroniq Coolers’ tube coolers play a role. The steam is pumped into Hydroniq Coolers’ tube cooler to cool the steam through the use of freshwater or seawater.

Hydroniq Coolers delivers tube coolers with design pressure up to 50 bar, depending on size. All heat exchangers are hydrostatically pressure-tested and supplied with a pressure test certificate. The company offers more than 200 standard models of tube heat exchangers with cooling surfaces from 0.2 to 200m2.