SECO/WARWICK joins forces with MISAD

18 November 2020

Turkey is the transcontinental link between Europe and Asia, and MISAD, Heat Treatment Industrialists Association based in Istanbul is the link with the heat treatment industry. The Turkish economy ranked 19th in the world, 7th in Europe and with a GDP of USD 851.1bn (2018), Turkey owns significant mineral resources, especially metal ores. For this reason, the presence of SECO/WARWICK in the heat treatment industry in Turkey and active role in their national industry organization is not surprising. 

MISAD key activities and objectives: (I) Preparation of working standards to provide the basis for a fair competitive environment, check lists, and communication about current standards, regulations and bylaws to association members. (II) The development of human resources ensuring management quality, and raising the educational level and a number of qualified technicians and personnel currently enrolled in high school and 2-year technical college programs.

SECO/WARWICK takes an active role in international industry cooperation. The company is engaged in organizations, associations, technical universities, scholar/academics boards, science institutes, government and non-government, non-profit organizations throughout the world.