Ultra-low temperature air-cycle unit double heat pump

24 March 2021

German cryotherapy provider Coolinn is using a Mirai Cold 15, an ultra-low temperature air-cycle machine from European engineering and manufacturing company Mirai Intex, for its cryotherapy units. But Coolinn also utilizes the unit’s exhaust air for heating, making it work double duty as a “heat pump.” 

Coolinn has been offering cryotherapy to athletes since September 2019, to help improve performance and aid recovery from injury. The technology can also be beneficial in treating certain diseases like rheumatism.

The unit uses only air as the refrigerant, as well as ambient air to remove heat (water is used to remove heat in other units). It maintains –115°C in the main chamber and –60°C in the prechamber. At the same time, it releases heated air ranging from 40 to 70°C, depending on the ambient air temperature (-10 to 20°C), respectively.

The heated air can be exhausted to the outside or recovered and distributed to the heated area. When the heated air is 70°C, “it is used partially for heating but mainly for a ‘blow-dryer’ function,” says Gabriela Neshodova, Marketing Manager for Mirai. Clients who dry their skin before entering the ultra-cold chambers reduce the likelihood of damage to the skin, particularly after a sport session in which they perspire.