Managing Aging Plants Japan 2021 - a virtual must

08 February 2021

Did you know that maintenance, even at a conservative estimate, costs countries around 3% of their yearly GNP? For end-user companies it is therefore imperative that they make the right decisions when maintaining their production facilities and equipment into the future. This to not only to remain competitive and save money, but also to remain safe and increasingly sustainable. 

Most companies do not have the knowledge in-house to be able to make all these complex, decision-making process themselves. They need advice and help - much of which can be gained from knowledge sharing of expertise. The management of aging plants is a global concern and many of the problems encountered in Europe, for example, are much the same in Japan, the USA, China, or beyond. To help you along the way with your decision-making processes why not check out the Managing Aging Plants Japan 2021 Online Livestream Conference that will take place on February 18- 19, 2021. Chances are that it will provide you with insights into solution provision that you might not have, which will strengthen the position of your company into the future.