Autogru uses Demag® AC 160-5 to lift heat exchanger

10 February 2021

Italian cities are famous for their picturesque centers with narrow, winding streets. It can be a nightmare for projects that require heavy equipment, as was recently the case when crane service provider Calabrese Autogru lifted a heat exchanger in the middle of Turin. A compact but powerful crane was needed for the project, which is why Calabrese Autogru S.r.l. chose to use the Demag® AC 160-5 all-terrain crane. 

Once on site, the crane was able to put another substantial advantage to work: thanks to its 68-meter telescopic boom, it was able to perform the lift immediately, without the need to attach an extension. At that point, the crane was ready to lift the 7.2-tonne heat exchanger without any further difficulties.

This enabled the Demag AC 160-5 to smoothly lift the 7.2-tonne heat exchanger through a radius of 19 meters with the telescopic boom fully extended, and bring it to a height of 35 meters before setting it down at its intended location.