Kaltra updates chillers to comply with ErP 2021

07 April 2021

Kaltra has recently completed the modernization for all its chiller families for compliance with Tier-2 Ecodesign Directive requirements that have come into force from January 2021. 

Under the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC), the EU government set a framework for the development of minimum requirements for the energy and environmental performance of energy-related products (ErP), including water chillers, throughout their life-cycle. The regulation implements in two phases – a more lenient Tier-1 will be upgraded with stricter Tier-2 following a scheduled program of action.

Effective now, all Kaltra chillers intended for air conditioning and comfort cooling are met and exceed Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) for Seasonal Cooling Energy Efficiency (SCEE), Tier-2, while high-temperature process chillers have complied with Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) for Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR), Tier-2.