Heat treatment lines for oat-derived products

24 March 2021

Heat treatment lines intended for pasteurization and cooling of oat-derived products.

SACOME has recently supplied two heat treatment lines for oat-derived products. On the one hand, an installation for pasteurization and cooling of 5,000 kg/h of 70 ºBrix oat syrup; and on the other hand, a process equipment for pasteurization and cooling up to 25 m3/h of oatmeal paste for hot filling.

In order to comply with the limitation of admissible pressure drop indicated by the client, the company’s technicians proposed a mixed solution, with some sections formed by multitubular heat exchangers (in this case, the S-TFM-I heat exchanger) and other sections (in particular the final cooling) formed by annular space heat exchangers (the S-TF40R-D heat exchanger).

It should be noted that to produce hot water with steam, SACOME has supplied a heat exchanger from their V SERIES - these heat exchangers are manufactured in made-to-stock production for immediate deliveries.