SECO/WARWICK solutions for the automotive industry

20 April 2021

The traditional automotive industry has already chosen to use several SECO/WARWICK solutions, such as the CMe and CMe-T vacuum furnaces, the Pit-LPC pit vacuum furnace, and the 4D Quench vacuum system for nitrogen quenching of individual mechanical gear parts. 

The CaseMaster Evolution – T (CMe-T) is a three-chamber vacuum furnace that hardens surfaces using low-pressure carburizing and high-pressure nitrogen quenching technologies. The distinguishing feature of this solution is improved process quality improvement and cost reduction. Thanks to doubling the performance and higher production flexibility, it has become a desirable solution for the automotive industry.

The Pit- LPC technology guarantees three main advantages: cost reduction, production increases, and finally, safety and protection of the environment. This state-of-the-art solution meets the most stringent environmental standards, while increasing work safety by eliminating the use of flammable and explosive atmosphere.

The 4D Quench is a vacuum heat treatment system that significantly improves the precision and repeatability of the heat treatment results while reducing production costs. It provides vacuum heating followed by powerful and uniform nitrogen quenching, resulting in distortion control and reduction with high repeatability of the final result.