Tubular heat exchanger for polymerized in-situ pipe

04 May 2021

SACOME has received a consultation from a company specialized in in-situ pipe repair using the CIPP procedure, for “cured-in-place pipe”. This method allows the rehabilitation of water, gas, and chemical lines that require repair or sealing, through the introduction of a flexible tube impregnated with resin, without the need for excavation or earthworks. 

This company installs the system in trucks and has a boiler to generate the hot water necessary for the curing process. The main drawback is that the boiler and its circuit get dirty with the resin used, which means loss of power and continuous cleaning work.

SACOME engineers design two model I-TFM-I heat exchangers with corrugated tubes, one for a water volume of 30 m³, and the other for a water volume of 60 m³, so that the hot water circuit becomes an independent dirty water circuit. In this way, the existing fouling problem is resolved.