HYPRO, H2V & Mitsubishi deliver green hydrogen projects

02 June 2021

HydrogenPro, H2V Industry and Mitsubishi Power Europe have entered into an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) forming a consortium that will develop and deliver green industrial hydrogen projects. 

This MoU will form a long-term partnership, combining the value proposition and expertise of H2V Industry, HydrogenPro and Mitsubishi Power Europe supporting the European and French initiatives to reach the decarbonization goals. Through this MoU, the consortium partners will develop and deliver large-scale hydrogen projects.

H2V Industry will take on a lead role in the development phase, whereas HydrogenPro and Mitsubishi Power Europe will contribute with their expertise in the design, engineering, system and components, as well as their procurement competence. The partnership will also establish schemes to provide significant European supply content. An investigation has been started to determine European sourcing, manufacturing and/or assembly in France.