Hydroniq Coolers upgrades its seawater cooling Rack 2.0

30 June 2021

Hydroniq Coolers has upgraded its increasingly popular hull-integrated seawater cooling system, Rack, to further improve its operational reliability when installed on board large vessels, including making it even easier to clean and maintain. 

The Rack seawater cooler differs from other cooling systems as it is integrated in the hull below the vessel’s main engine room, which frees up valuable space in the engine room.

One of the recent changes to the Rack system typically offered to large seafaring vessels with large and multiple engines that require major cooling capacity, is to slightly increase the space between the piping in the seawater cooler, with the following benefits: (i) Each pipe becomes more effective as a cooling unit because of improved water flow in the piping. (ii) Easier to clean the seawater cooler because of larger space between the piping, which allows easier removal of particles. (iii) An improved construction method for the Rack has also reduced the amount of areas where foreign particles can accumulate, thereby significantly reducing the risk for scale build-up and, over time, corrosion.