Tranter launches a new service app “TranterCare”

06 September 2021

Tranter is launching a new app, “TranterCare” that helps customers work proactively with their heat exchanger maintenance and schedule service quickly. 

Tranter is and has been on a digital journey for a long time, however, the work with digitally enabled customer service has shifted gears due to the necessary global adjustments to more digital customer interactions caused by the global pandemic. In a bigger picture, the focus on providing digital services also goes hand-in-hand with two important core values of Tranter, namely ‘Continuous Improvement’ and ‘Results Driven’.

With new solutions such as digitized customer services in Beijing, China, and a continuous development of digital products in its Research & Development Centers, Tranter is proud to present its new Service app “TranterCare”, which is a dynamic tool for maintenance personnel from any industry that ensures maximum uptime and on the move support. The Indian market will be the starting point for “TranterCare”, however, the technology has the ability to be scaled for global use in the future.