SIJ launches a pilot device for excessive heat recovery

08 September 2021

SIJ Metal Ravne successfully launched the pilot device for the recovery of excess heat generated in the steel production process. 

Together with the Jožef Stefan Institute – the Energy Efficiency Center (IJS – CEU) and Brunel University London, as part of the four-year international pilot project ETEKINA (heat pipE TECHnologies for INdustrial Applications), SIJ Metal Ravne implemented innovative heat pipe technology with the aim of achieving the ambitious target of over 40% recovery rate of excessive heat.

In the pilot project, SIJ Metal Ravne began using the energy of exhaust flue gases from the Allino furnace as an excess heat source. Where before flue gases with a temperature of 450°C were released freely into the atmosphere, it is now able to take advantage of it with an efficiency rate of 47%, which is above the projected 40% target. Most of the heat will be fed back into the furnace itself as a heated fresh air, and the rest will be used for heating on SIJ Metal Ravne premises. Besides effective use of energy, it will also reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 388 t per year.