A Webbox is a clickable company-logo which guides traffic to the customer's cooperate homepage. The difference between a Webbox and a "normal" Logo banner are the clickable deep links. The deep links guide to specific cooperate subpages, creating attractive exposure and branding opportunities. Moreover, the deep links give customers an immediate overview of the key elements of the cooperate website.

Explaination using the following example:

Logo banner (linked to customer's homepage)

Deep links (linked to subpage or subsection of client's website)

Technical requirements:
  • Average size: 150 * 125 Pixel
  • Possible formats: jpeg, jpg, gif (no animated Logos)
Further information:
  • Maximum number of deeplinks in a Webbox is 5
  • Frequently used deeplinks (contact us, products, about us,...)
  • KCI's web specialists can assist in the technical creation/relation of Web boxes
  • A Webbox can exclusively be placed on the homepage