The Online Media concept:

With the Heat Exchanger World Internet site we service end-users in a number of markets, all related to the heat exchanger supply chain. Some examples of these markets are: biotech and pharmaceuticals; chemicals & petrochemicals; energy; food, dairy, and beverages; heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration; machinery and machining; marine and transportation; mining, minerals, and pigments; paper & pulp; refrigeration; semiconductor and electronics; steel; and water and waste treatment. 

The Online Media Channel:

The three main activities from the Heat Exchange World online media channels are:

  • Websites
  • E-Content
  • E-Consultancy


The Website creates excellent opportunities for focused communication with the visitors of the Heat Exchanger World website at a fraction of the cost of a traditional media campaign. It offers direct access to your corporate webpages and brand exposure to the specialists in the business through extensive webvertising options.

What makes webvertising on Heat Exchanger World interesting?

  • Members are specialists, not general visitors
  • It improves your branding
  • It generates sales leads
  • It offers direct access to your corporate website
  • It strengthens corporate position on the web
  • Controlled placement of web-ads
  • The website has global traffic

Webvertising options

Web box
Box with your company logo on homepage.
+ 5 keywords including deeplinks of choice.
More information.

Hyperlink in companies box
Home page: clickable company name linked to the website of the client (alphabetical order).
More information.

Logo Banner
Sub-page: logo banner including link to client’s website.
Link to your website.
More information.

Skyscraper Banner
Home page: logo banner (160Wx600H pixels) including advertisement and link to client’s website.

Top Banner
Home page: Logo on top of page including link to client’s website.

Banner slide show
Home page: Banner in slideshow including link to client’s website.

TV advertisement
Short animated advertisement made from up to 10 pictures with voice over. Hosted in key position on the home page for (minimum) 4 weeks and alternating as main feature. PLUS: Featured in the TV gallery for 1 year.

TV company film advertisement
Any of your company’s existing video film hosted in a key position on the home page for (minimum) 4 weeks and alternating as main feature.

Corporate Company Film
The TV film team have more than 35 years experince in global video and film production. Professional advice and full technical, filming and editing services are provided in order to ensure your Corporate Film suitably reflects your company’s products, services and personality. Please contact us for consultation and prices.

Special Web Ideas
Client tailored ideas for maximum exposure; Cost is on request.


With our in-house knowledge of Online Media and Internet, we can offer you tailor made services. Some examples are the creation of a mini website or website consultancy. Software and applications, e.g. content management system or E-Catalogue are also available.

For more information on the options of participating in the Heat Exchanger World website or more specific information, please contact Mr. Kamiel van Wijk, by e-mail: k.v.wijk@kci-world.com.